How to merge mine ETH+ZIL?

In this guide we will show you how to set up merged mining of ETH+ZIL on minerstat.

About merged mining In merged mining two coins from the same algorithm are mined at the same time and the results are sent to two different blockchains. To be able to merge mine you need to use a special pool that allows merged mining and you can use any mining client that supports the algorithm of the coins.

First, open your address editor and save the following tags:

  • (POOL:ETHZIL) with your ETH+ZIL pool stratum and port, for example stratum+tcp://
  • (WALLET:ETH) with your ETH wallet address (starting with 0x)
  • (WALLET:ZIL) with your ZIL wallet address (starting with zil)

You need to adapt the configuration as required by the pool. We suggest to use advanced config editor in this case. supports ETH+ZIL and ETC+ZIL merged mining. Their stratum address for ETH+ZIL is: stratum+tcp://


To set up ETH+ZIL merged mining with Claymore miner, you can use the following advanced configuration:

-epool (POOL:ETHZIL) -esm 0 -ewal (WALLET:ETH).(WALLET:ZIL) -eworker (WORKER) -allcoins 1


To set up ETH+ZIL merged mining with Phoenix miner, you can use the following configuration:

-pool (POOL:ETHZIL) -proto 2 -wal (WALLET:ETH).(WALLET:ZIL) -worker (WORKER) - A new hashrate proxy service by minerstat

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