Balance monitoring: Pending update

Most of the pools and wallets in balance monitoring are checked and updated twice per hour. There are few exceptions that get updated later as there is API limitation with the service providers.

Once you add the pool or wallet to balance monitoring, the status goes immediately to "Pending update". This means, that the balance on the pool or wallet was not checked yet. You can imagine balance monitoring as a bot that checks pool's or wallet's website for you every few minutes and if there is something new, it saves it to the logs. These logs are displayed in balance monitoring. Actual mining process and balance monitoring are not directly related as you can monitor any wallet on any pool. Balance monitoring bot will check any wallet address you told him to check.

Here are some common issues when status "Pending update" is there for too long:

  • Incorrect pool option: Check if you have selected correct pool option. For example, if you are mining on Ethermine and you are minin ETH, you need to select Ethermine (ETH). If you select something else, the balance won't be updated as there will be nothing displayed in the API when balance monitoring bot checks it. If available, you can also click on a button [View on pool] to check if this combination is correct.
  • Incorrect wallet address: Check if you have added correct wallet address. For example, if you have added Ethermine (ETH) to pools balance monitoring and you have entered ETC wallet for it, there will be nothing to monitor as you aren't mining on ETH pool with ETC wallet address. If available, you can also click on a button [View on pool] to check if this combination is correct.
  • API limitations: As mentioned, for some pools and wallets, it might take longer to update them as service has API limitations. If this is the case, you can't do much about it than wait.

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