Balance monitoring: Nanopool

Nanopool is one of the most popular pools for mining different coins, such as: ETH, ETC, ZEC, XMR, PASC, RVN, and GRIN.

Balance monitoring can be set up the same for each coin you want to monitor.

  1. Navigate to Finance and click on Balance monitoring.
  2. Select Pools tab.
  3. Click on Add new pool.
  4. Select pool: Nanopool (COIN) where COIN is the coin for which you want to monitor the balance.
  5. Enter the wallet address you are using on Nanopool.
  6. Optionally, enter a custom label.
  7. Click on Add pool.

Within few minutes you should see the balance on your pool.

Pools are refreshed every 20 minutes. - A new hashrate proxy service by minerstat

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