Balance monitoring: Mining Pool Hub

Mining Pool Hub is a multi pool that offers mining of different coins or mining an algorithm with a profit switching mode on.

To get access for balance monitoring on Mining Pool Hub, you will need to use your registered account. Login to your Mining Pool Hub dashboard and follow the next steps.

  1. Click on Edit account.
  2. Under User ID there is a long string, which represents your API ID.
  3. Under API Key there is a long string, which represents your API key.

You can continue to minerstat dashboard.

  1. Navigate to Finance and click on Balance monitoring.
  2. Select Pools tab.
  3. Click on Add new pool.
  4. Select pool: Mining Pool Hub (COIN) where COIN is the coin you want to monitor on Mining Pool Hub.
  5. Under API key enter the API key.
  6. Under API ID enter your Mining Pool Hub's User ID.
  7. Optionally, enter a custom label.
  8. Click on Add pool.

Within few minutes you should see the balance on your pool.

Pools are refreshed every 20 minutes.