#32 Custom mining clients

Before introducing this new feature to all of the minerstat users, implementation of the custom miner required you to write to us and request a custom miner, which we would then implement and prepare for your usage. From now on, you are able to implement your own custom mining client by yourself. This doesn’t mean we will stop adding new mining clients per request but gives all of you an option to use a custom mining client without any delay. It also gives farms an opportunity to have control over their own private miners without anyone accessing the mining client files.

Our goal was to create this feature in a way that allows flexibility as much as privacy.

In this tutorial, we will show you two things:

  • How to prepare a package that can be used as a custom mining client with minerstat mining OS.
  • How to create a new mining client on your minerstat dashboard and then use it in the worker’s config. The same procedure can be applied to the scheduler, config templates, and profit switch.

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