#24 Profit switch with icemining

This time, we will show you how to set up profit switch on icemining. icemining supports various algorithms: BCD, Lyra2z, X16R, Scrypt, Skein, X22i, C22s, Allium, Phi2, X16s, Argon2AD, HMQ1725, Merit, Cuckoo, X11, and Renesis.

In this tutorial we will show:

  • What you need for profit switch on icemining;
  • What is profit switch;
  • How to set up address editor;
  • How to configure profit switch;
  • What is the target;
  • How to include coins;
  • How to set up speeds;
  • How to set up electricity costs;
  • When to switch;
  • How to activate profit switch.

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