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What's next?

Follow the steps to setup msOS for your Linux rig.

Flash to USB

Download the OS archive, decompress, and then flash .img boot image to a minimum 8GB USB thumb drive. We recommend to use USB 3.0 16GB thumb drive.

For flashing with Windows we recommend to use Etcher where you can just select boot image, USB thumb drive, click "Flash" and wait for 20 minutes for flashing to finish. Etcher is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac. If you are flashing to the SSD, you need to enable "Unsafe mode" in the settings.

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Login to minerstat dashboard

While you wait for the flashing to finish, you can login to your minerstat dashboard or register new account.

Add new worker to your dashboard. Make sure that you have selected msOS as the system.

Update config.js

When the flashing is finished and you have successfully registered and added new worker, you can plug the USB out and plug it back in. In some cases you will be asked if you want to format USB which you need to decline.

Open config.js file and add your access key (you can find it by placing the mouse cursor over your avatar on the dashboard) and worker name.

Double check the information you have entered as both access key and worker name are case sensitive. Also make sure that you haven't deleted the quotation marks.

Save config.js file and unplug the USB.


Plug the USB to your rig and wait for it to boot. The first boot takes a little bit longer, but if you are using USB 3.0 it shouldn't last more than 2 minutes. If after 2 minutes you still don't see any changes, try checking the following possible issues:

  • Enable Legacy USB / CSM, disable Internal Graphics, set PCI Link Speed GEN2
  • Check if config.js is correctly saved on the USB.
  • Try to plug USB to the different USB port.
  • Connect the monitor to see the output on the screen.
  • If msOS works, but worker isn't mining, open worker's profile and click on IP to connect remotely to the rig and examine what is going on.
Mine & Monitor

When you have successfully established msOS, you can customize your monitoring up to your wishes. You can:

  • remotely manage your workers,
  • overclock and undervolt your mining rigs,
  • set up profit switch,
  • monitor profitability and earnings,
  • and much more.
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